Free! Solo Stories Class Performance Tuesday Dec 15 2020  7:30 pm

Join us for an intimate evening of original stories from the heart! 

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Introductory and advanced classes where you can learn to harness your creativity, trust your instincts, quiet your inner critic and find your unique voice. Through acting, improv and writing exercises, we will get that story out of your head and into the world. Come join our creative community. 

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Whether you want to work together for a one off session or ongoing, I can coach you through your creative process. I’ll work with you in the privacy of your home or office via Zoom, phone or FaceTime to project your voice and tell your story in a way that feels comfortable, powerful, and true to your personality.

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Story Midwife

It is my passion to help others birth their creative projects!​ In recent years, I have realized that the process of developing a solo show, a memoir, or any creative project that involves your personal narrative, is intense and full of pain and glory—much like birth. My coaching can help you through this process—I can be your story midwife! ​

What is a story midwife?​​








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Take a class, or grab a free consultation. Let's find out how we can work together!

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