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 the thrust of it 

Sexual Tomboy is a raucous one-woman comedy about a lusty tomboy with bad boundaries from her hippie upbringing, looking for empowerment in all the wrong places. Blending standup and storytelling, Raven recounts some of the more hilarious and misguided moments from her treacherous path towards sexual liberation. Ravens uproarious and relatable stories highlight the blatant veins of misogyny that lurk in our culture and sex lives. With unflinching honesty, Raven delivers 60 minutes of dark comedy with deep heart.

what audiences say  

"Powerful, sexy, liberating, hilarious - Raven's performance articulates multiple conflicting emotions at once when it comes to sexuality, all while connecting with and engaging the audience."           

                       - Roberto Andrei Aguilar 


"Brutally funny, honest, and frankly sexual. Think Lena Dunham if she

was raised by hippies in Northern California."

                                  - Chris Wolfe 

“A performance like Joyful’s is a wake-up call, that questions the role models for women (and men) that have been ordained by our society.”
              -Bolinas Hearsay News

"Joyful's forthright storytelling is simultaneously hilarious and poignant.

I love this show!"


-Greg Pierotti

“Raven is a talented and truthful performer...Using skillful impersonations and amazing
physical comedy...she connects the stories from her life right before our eyes and comes out

stronger on the other side.”
                                        – Theater is Easy NYC

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