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Solo Show Creation
Final Class Sharing


Friday 12/15/23

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm pdt

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(You can donate when you RSVP if you like!)

Join us for our first ever final class performance of "Solo Show Creation" class.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Hosted By

Dan Hoyle & Joyful Raven


Lisa Safran

Marsha Howard

Ben Flax

Robyn DeGuzman

Randall Denham

Catherine Debon

Abbey Glover

Dawn Martin-Rugo



"I cannot say enough how wonderfully impressed I was. I was absolutely captivated by each performance and am thankful I had the opportunity to hear and see these wonderful stories."  - Jody Zacharkiw


I cannot begin to tell you how powerful and engaging the stories/performance were. Each one unique, honest and so well written. The layers all woven together to show the picture of a whole human being." -  Sandra Tillis 

"Thank you for a powerful, inspiring, passionate, moving, intimate evening of personal stories. Transformative."  - Jill Stephens

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